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Laser Periodontal Therapy

Benefits Of Using Laser Periodontal Therapy for Gum Disease

Many people suffer from gum decay, from gum line recession to gingivitis to periodontitis. The effects begin with soreness of the gums and minor gum bleeding but eventually can lead to harmful infections, tooth loss, and a decline in overall health and fitness.

Periodontal disease must be taken seriously and treated immediately. In the earlier days, scaling and root planing and gum flap surgery were the only available treatment techniques. But today, laser periodontal therapy is achieving great heights around the globe.

When conducted by an experienced periodontist, laser gum surgery has many advantages over other methods. Here are the main points in its rage:

  1. Less Gum Tissue Is Lost
    Lasers are more accurate than manual tools and are competent in targeting infected sites of your gums with little impact on surrounding tissues. It is a less intrusive surgery that needs minor cutting and results in a minor loss of periodontal tissue.
  1. Bleeding Is Immediately Controlled
    Not only there is less bleeding in laser periodontal therapy, but the laser instantly sterilizes places where infected gum tissue has just been cleared or vaporized. It means if little bleeding could occur, then it will stop immediately.
  1. The Laser Is Highly Flexible
    The laser tools used in periodontal surgery can be adjusted easily to intensity and wavelength to suit every type of periodontal surgery. And the same goes during a single surgery if various parts of your gums need extra handling.
  1. Recovery Time Is Briefer
    In most cases, your gums will heal considerably faster with laser periodontal therapy than traditional methods of treating gum disease. While there may be minor temporary soreness, it will shortly pass, and your mouth will again get back to normal.
  1. Laser Periodontal Therapy Is Affordable
    The cost of laser periodontal therapy in Lubbock is usually the same or less than non-laser procedures. While the tools are more expensive, less medicine is required and fewer visits to the dental office. And your dental insurance will probably cover laser therapy.
  1. Laser Therapy Can Help in Scaling & Planing
    Even if the situation of your teeth and gums demands the use of traditional scaling and root planing methods, lasers can also get used. As an add-on method, laser therapy can make the procedure smoother and more effective.
  1. Cavities Can Be Removed
    If you have cavities that you want to remove with your periodontal problems, our periodontist in Lubbock can use the same laser for both objectives. The laser will very specifically cut away the harmed tooth material, and very little of your natural tooth will get lost in the process. As gum infection often leads to tooth decay, many patients suffer from both — so why not get rid of both problems at the same time?

While there is always a place for older techniques of treating periodontal disease, modern laser-based periodontal surgery can do a good job & will cause less pain, and at less expense. Laser periodontal therapy has many benefits and works well on all conditions of gum disease.

Laser Periodontal Therapy In Lubbock, TX

If you are also suffering from gum disease & do not want it to get worse, contact a periodontist today to examine your condition. Get the best laser periodontal therapy experience at our dental office in Lubbock & get rid of all your gum issues.

People love us on google
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