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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are an effective long term tooth loss solution. When compared to dentures, bridges, and partials, dental implants are a revolutionary way to replace missing teeth, loose or failing teeth, or chronic dental problems. Dental implants are the new standard for tooth replacement since they look, feel, and perform similar to natural teeth.

So how does a dental implant work & how is it secured? The implant looks similar to a small, thick screw and is made of medical-grade titanium. A short time after the implant is inserted into the bone, the bone actually fuses to the implant through a process called osseointegration. This means the implant is no longer a single screw, but is now bonded securely to the jaw bone. This union forms a solid and durable anchor for your new teeth eliminating slippage and constant movement commonly seen with dentures, bridges, and partials. Implants make everyday things such as eating and smiling simple again, taking you back to the life you previously enjoyed before missing teeth.

Dental implants have three main parts:

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Live Healthy and Beautiful: When teeth are missing, the surrounding bone begins to shrink. Dental implants can help prevent this deterioration of the jawbone caused by loss of teeth, so your face and jawline retain its natural shape. Dental implants can also help improve your overall health by allowing you to eat healthy foods again such as nuts and fruit.

Live Comfortably: Dental implants are securely anchored which eliminates slipping and movement as there is with dentures or partials. This eliminates some of the key worries of dentures, including a poor fit, gum irritation, constant maintenance, adhesives, and pain from exposed nerves.
As an alternative to a dental bridge, dental implants eliminate the need to grind down healthy teeth when replacing one or more adjacent teeth. They also don’t require adjacent teeth to completely support them, which can often cause those supporting teeth to fail or become loose. At approximately the same cost as a bridge, our office can place a dental implant and keep the surrounding teeth unharmed for a healthier smile. Studies have reported that long-term success rates of dental implants is over 95%, making implants the best long-term investment for tooth replacement.

Live with Confidence: Once you have your dental implants, you will never need to cover your mouth when laughing, smiling, or speaking. You will be able to once again eat your favorite foods without pain or fear of embarrassment – and taste every bite. You will look better, feel better, and live more confidently.

To get a better understanding of what makes dental implants the best solution for missing teeth, please call our office for a free consultation. You’ll be amazed at what our state-of-the-art technology and one-on-one care can do for you.

What to expect from our free consultation.

Meet the Doctor

You will meet with our implant team and they will be able to assist you through the entire process should you decide implants are right for you. Our staff will be there from start to finish and will make your journey as smooth as possible. Our doctors and staff will sit down with you and discuss the implant procedure in depth and answer any questions you may have.

Receive Your Treatment Plan

As part of the free consultation, we will take a 3D CT scan that enables our doctors to create a customized treatment plan specifically for you. We will review the treatment plan with you and go over each step that will be done so you have a complete understanding of the treatment proposed.

Get Your Treatment Price

Once the doctor works up your treatment plan, you will know exactly how much dental implants will cost you. You may be surprised by how affordable dental implants are at our office. We will also discuss payment options and the next step if you decide dental implants are right for you.

Comparing Dental Implants to Dentures & Conventional Bridges

Implants, conventional bridges and dentures have one key thing in common, they are all used to fill the void of a missing tooth or teeth. Aside from this main similarity, all three options are extremely different. The main disadvantage of dentures and conventional bridges is that they are not fixed to the bone which can cause them to be unstable. This can make it difficult to smile and eat with confidence.

Dental implants not only look more natural, but they feel and act more like normal teeth. They do not pose the disadvantages that conventional bridges and dentures do as seen above. They allow for stronger biting force to eat the foods you like without compromising the health of your natural teeth. Implants are to be cared for the same way you would your natural teeth. They require the same daily brushing and flossing as natural teeth. Similar to natural teeth, implants can typically last a lifetime if cared for properly.

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