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implant overdentures

Everything About Implant Overdentures You Should Know

Missing teeth do not signify that you should stop eating the foods you love or smile freely. The implant technique enables putting the overdentures over the jawbone that serve better than traditional dentures. At Lubbock Dental Implant Center, we can furnish you with an evaluation to decide if an implant overdenture is the most suitable choice to replace your missing teeth. Let’s discuss what is an implant overdenture?

What Is an Implant Overdenture?

Traditional dentures start with extracting teeth first and then fitting with a temporary denture. After recovering from the teeth removal, you can get your permanent set of dentures. These denture needs to be taken out of the mouth every night and put into a secure place. Usually, you will have to change your diet to avoid hard foods or that need a lot of chewing to avoid moving your dentures.

Implant overdentures replace a few or all of the upper or lower teeth in the mouth. Unlike traditional dentures that don’t contain an anchor in the mouth, implant overdentures do. These dentures have attachments that connect them to implants in your jaw. These implants hold the dentures in position until you take them out of your mouth.

With implant overdentures, you don’t have to modify your diet to suit your dentures because overdentures hold well in your mouth. You won’t see them slipping out of position while you eat your food or talk. Plus, the implants hold the jawbone from wearing away with time.

Who Can Wear an Implant Overdenture?

One of the many advantages of implant overdentures over other sorts of implants is they only use a minimum of two implants for the lowermost teeth and four implants for the top. Because you don’t require implants to replace each tooth, the dentist can locate the spots with the best bone for setting the implants. This technique lessens the chance of a bone graft surgery before the implant.

Procedure for Getting an Overdenture?

The procedure of implant overdenture in Lubbock begins with extracting existing teeth. Our dentists will then fit the implant bases into your jawbone. While you recover from this procedure, you may need a temporary denture for a short time. However, after your implants heal and the jawbone adapts near the implant base to hold them rigidly in position, you can get your permanent overdenture.

The dentist will carefully design your exact process for obtaining your implants and overdenture to guarantee that you comprehend your case and what you can anticipate. 

Implant Overdenture In Lubbock, TX

Feel free to ask any queries to the dentist. All our doctors at Lubbock Dental Implant Center will be happy to answer questions and help their patients feel as relaxed as possible.

If you are interested in obtaining implant overdentures, contact us to book an appointment with our dentist at our dental office in Lubbock to know whether your jawbone will adapt to the implant.

People love us on google
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