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Implant & Bridges

What Are The Difference Between Implant-Retained & Supported Bridges

When all or most of your teeth are missing, it is a better option to get dentures. They look like natural teeth and help with speech problems. When you eat, drink, or talk, traditional dentures can slip. Patients can now choose between implant-retainer dentures and supported bridges. Before deciding on one, it is critical to consider the differences between the two and which one would be best for their circumstances.

What Are Implant-Retained Dentures?

Implant-retained dentures use dental implants to hold the artificial teeth in place. They reduce or eliminate nearly all of the limitations of traditional dentures. Rather than simply resting on the gums, implant-retained dentures are held in place by dental implants inserted into the jawbone. This provides structural support and stability to the dentures while also drastically reducing bone loss.

What Are Supported Bridges?

Supported bridges are a non-implant solution for replacing one or more teeth. This method is faster than implants and can appear very natural. Bridges are so-called because they span the gap left by missing teeth.

A bridge is a dental prosthesis that replaces one or more teeth and is anchored on either end of the jaw. This guarantees that the denture will remain in place while the patient speaks or chews.

Implant-Retained Or Supported Bridges- Which One Is Best For You?


Before choosing an implant, the jaw structure of the patient is taken into account. For support, implant-retained dentures need a strong jaw. The jaw will absorb the shock of chewing, so a solid foundation is required.

Support bridges are detachable. This makes them comparatively weaker, and they run the risk of grinding.


Implant-retained dentures are best suited for patients who prefer to eat hard and chewy foods, like meat. They are supported by the jaw for extra strength and are unlikely to cause damage. 

Supported bridges, on the other hand, can get chipped while consuming such foods. The patient has to be mindful while eating with such dentures. Soft foods and soups are advised when wearing this type of denture.


Some people do not like to remove and clean dentures. If the patient does not like removable bridges, then implant retained dentures are the best option for them. They are just like natural teeth, and function like them too.

Dentures with supported bridges can be taken out and cleaned for additional hygiene. They can be clipped back into place just like traditional dentures.


Implant-retained dentures tend to cost more than supported bridge dentures. Sometimes, the patient may require bone grafting to support implants. The cost of these dentures rises if the procedure is done in more than one location.

Supported bridge dentures do not require such procedures. They are simply clipped into the position.  

Cosmetic Benefits

If the patient wants more natural-looking dentures, they are recommended implant-retained dentures. These types of dentures are closer to natural teeth in look and strength, as they have to customize a part of the gums too.

Supported bridges do not look as natural as implanted-retained dentures. 

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People love us on google
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